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Changing hats often--from technician to artist to manager--has enabled me to bring a balanced approach and a fresh attitude to each job.  Extensive experience touring internationally as a performer helps me to anticipate the audio needs of artists on stage.  Writing and producing my own albums not only developed my ears, but also gives me a respect for the artistic vision.  Years as a sound company manager give me insight about the importance of safety, equipment care, and client satisfaction.  Perhaps most importantly, by shifting jobs as an operator, artist and manager, I have been able to maintain a friendly attitude and genuine excitement about quality.

My first mixing gig was at age 10, mixing high school graduations for my grandfather, Sam Jagard, who was the audio head at the Richmond Auditorium and President of the union IATSE Local 107.  My father, Dennis Jagard, started a sound company in Simi Valley, California, in the mid 1970's, providing stages, sound and film services.  Working around my school and extra-curricular activities, I always had audio work available and eventually was running the company, until my father sold it in 2001.  Along the way I developed the experience and reputation to excel on jobs with other sound companies, theaters, clubs, tours and artists, as detailed on other pages.       

During breaks from audio and school pursuits, I tried my hand at being a musician.  I started as a guitarist and eventually was singing lead vocals too.  By 2006--when I put the band on hiautus to be on call for Prince--we had played over 1,000 shows, sold over 300,000 records and recorded 7 albums.  As the manager and eventually the owner of the band, my experience included a range of skills in spheres such as tour managing, production managing, recording albums and backline teching.  Of course, I tweaked a lot of sound systems along the way--some venue sound engineers looked forward to our tours because they knew I would test and correct the polarity of their systems.      

My ambition to be a great sound engineer led to the recent decision to relocate to Boise Idaho, where my wife's extended family provides support for our family when I'm on the road.  The drive for high quality and total dedication is also evidenced by my gear, including multi-track systems enabling virtual sound checks as well as an RF analyzer for scanning airwaves to eliminate wireless problems.  While not many sound engineers travel with their own tools, I've found that it's worth the investment to bring items that substantially upgrade the quality and reliability of my services.

I chose the motto "Friendly, efficient, effective" to summarize my approach to life and audio.  "Friendly" first because no matter how good an engineer is, no one wants to be around jaded, cynical or grumpy people.  I work hard to keep myself happy, which results in a natural positive attitude and genuine care for my associates and customers.  "Efficient" reflects my goal to be quick, because most audio services have a tight budget and a short time line.  Finally, "effective" notes the quest to do a great job, which includes education and training to be able to solve problems.  My diverse experience thus far gives me a great start to living up to my motto, as I have a wide frame of reference for approaching many types of jobs and customers.  And my ambition for excellence keeps me studying, training and looking for new audio experiences in the quest for ever-improving quality.


UC Berkeley, BA with honors, 1990
Major:  Rhetoric
Simi Valley High School,
Graduated with honors 1986
Captain and MVP of wrestling team

Recording artist experience:

7 Full length albums, credits include
  • co-producer,
  • recording engineer
  • Pro-Tools editor
  • lead vocalist
  • back up vocalist
  • guitarist
  • guitar tech
  • art coordinator
1,000+ concerts, including multiple tours of US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, New Zealand.  Credits include:
  • tour manager
  • lead vocalist
  • guitarist
  • backline tech
  • merch manager
  • driver/navigator
  • sound system tester/fixer
Total album sales over 300,000 units.
Band names: 
  • Ten Foot Pole
  • Scared Straight


Eagle Scout

2012 Attended Sennheiser Audio Academy,
2 day audio course.
2008 Attended JBL Vertec Training,
3 Day theory and application course.
1990 Attended Syn-Aud-Com
3 Day Live Sound Seminar
1991 Attended Altec Lansing
3 Day Technical Seminar for Dealers
Attended various AES classes,
including "Hums and Buzzes"

Friendly, efficient, effective.